Puppy Training • Group Puppy Classes

Individual and Group Puppy Obedience and Socialization Classes

Early puppy obedience training yields the best lifelong results and begins the process of building impulse control in your puppy while you are teaching them “right” from “wrong” helping them gain the ability to make good decisions within our world that make them a pleasure to be around and become dogs we can take with us anywhere.  We won’t every stick car keys in their hands, but we do want them to eventually  make good choices without constant prompting from us.

Training our dogs, just like raising our kids, is a lifelong process.  At Unleashed, we will help you start off on the right foot in the early developmental stages with easy to learn handling skills and clear ways of communicating that will help you develop the best dog for your family.

We offer both individual sessions where we can help guide you through your puppy’s developmental stages one on one or you can join us in one of our group classes that afford more socialization time.  And for those little bitty puppies who will never grow larger than 10 lbs, we offer a safe and fun socialization experience just for them!

Our puppy training classes provide a clear and motivating way for your puppy to learn all the skills needed to live a successful and happy life in a human world.

Private Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are $150 for one hour and are held at our location on Tealtown Rd in Milford.

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Group Classes

Group classes are $120 for 3 classes and are held at Suite Paws in Milford.

Puppies must have two sets of shots completed, including the Bordatella, and be at least 10 weeks old.

To sign up, go to our calendar for available start dates and click on the date you’re interested in.  Classes are held for the next two weeks, same day and time as the first class.

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Small Puppy Socialization Classes

Socialization classes are $20 each and are held at Great American Pet Park in Blue Ash.

To sign up, go to our calendar for available dates and click on the date you’re interested in. Socials are held 1 to 3 times per month. Feel free to come to as many as you would like!

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