Individual Puppy Classes

Puppy training is important to start your relationship off with your pup the right way.

Beginning your puppy obedience training process early yields the best results and maintains higher success rates rather than waiting to correct your dog’s poor behavior when they get older.

Training our dogs, just like raising our kids, is a lifelong process. At Unleashed, we will help you start off on the right foot in the early developmental stages with easy to learn handling skills and clear ways of communicating that will help you develop the best dog for your family.

Our puppy training consultations provide a clear and motivating way for your puppy to  learn all the skills needed to live a successful and happy life in a human world.

Our Puppy Classes Teach:

  • Basic obedience: 

    We will explain how dogs perceive the world around them and provide you with the skill set you need to easily teach your puppy basic obedience commands. You will learn how to utilize these obedience commands as tools to successfully teach your puppy how to navigate your world. Our goal is to help you learn and understand your puppy’s behavior in an easy way.

  • Puppy Socializing: 

    Learning to socialize successfully is extremely important for your puppy to learn early on. You will be able to take your puppy around other dogs and people in new environments with ease, knowing they will greet others politely and stay calm and focused. Your puppy will have good bite inhibition and display plenty of patience and tolerance for others. This is what every dog owner dreams of!

  • Problem Behavior Prevention: 

    Teach your puppy how you want them to behave before bad behaviors develop and become ever more difficult to address. It is much easier to learn how to do things correctly straight out of the shoot versus unlearning the wrong way.

What Will Your Puppy Learn?

  • Sit, down, place, recall
  • Leash walking
  • How to play appropriately with all the people in the household
  • Proper potty etiquette
  • Bite inhibition

What Will You Learn?

  • How to crate train your puppy
  • How to potty train
  • How to introduce basic obedience cues
  • How to properly socialize your puppy
  • How to teach your puppy to behave appropriately anywhere you go
  • How to stop inappropriate behaviors liking nipping and jumping

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Price: Each session is just $195 at your home or $150 at ours.