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Unleashed Canine Obedience Dog Training

At Unleashed Canine Obedience we offer dog training programs and classes that focus on behavioral and environmental training as well as basic obedience.

We help your dog learn that deferring to you for guidance and practicing impulse control leads to a lifetime of freedoms that most dogs don’t get to enjoy. We focus on using your pet’s natural instincts to bring out appropriate behaviors and help your dog choose those behaviors versus ones you don’t want.

Imagine taking your dog on an off leash hike through the woods or a walk in the park and your dog returning when you call them to you. If you want to enjoy your dog’s company outside the home without yanking on the leash or yelling involved, our dog training programs will provide you the possibility of having an off-leash reliable pup.

We believe a dog training program should prepare your dog for everyday, real life situations.  We don’t think it’s realistic to train a dog in a quiet room with zero distractions – so we get out and about during our training.  We go to parks and places with distractions so we can teach your dog what’s expected in every situation you encounter.

Our goal is to provide a dog with stability, sociability and plenty of impulse control.  Our tailored training programs provide your dog with our highest level of training by our professional dog trainers and behavior specialists.

Board and Train Dog Training

When you sign up for one of our board and train programs, your dog will work, play and learn in a safe environment and will stay with us (day and night) for the duration of the training.

Our experienced staff will teach your pup off-leash control, leash walking manners, basic obedience as well as behavior training. We customize our board and train programs to fit with your lifestyle and dog’s needs.

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We offer One, Two and Three Week programs. Each program is designed for your dog’s training needs as well as your needs as an owner. Each program teaches your dog various commands, leash manners, off-leash reliability and fundamental skills to remain well-mannered and behaved wherever you take them.

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Board and Train Options

Free Facebook Group

We are working on a new and exciting program that we will be rolling out in a few months and in order to create enough space to make it as phenomenal as you deserve, we are going to discontinue taking any new private clients through the month of February.

To bridge the gap, we have created a FREE Facebook group to provide you with powerful training in the comfort of your home. This group is for our dog and puppy owners to come and ask questions and continue learning about how to live their best life with their dogs.

We will be teaching you about a revolutionary training system with live videos, handouts. awesome community and other goodies on this page. You’ll learn how to teach your dog to take on a new and more optimistic outlook on life with a more relaxed and calm mind.

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction to the Training Between the Ears (TBTE) training system
  • Relaxation techniques
  • How to create an optimistic mindset
  • How to teach your dog to release unresourceful emotions like frustration, anxiety and boredom.
  • How to solve jumping, barking, nipping, biting, chewing and other problematic behaviors
  • How to set your dog up for success

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