Unleashed Canine Obedience Puppy Training

We offer Cincinnati puppy training programs and classes that help socialize your puppy and take the time to teach appropriate behaviors during their crucial developmental stages. We provide you and your puppy with plenty of guidance to help bring about a happy, resilient and reliable dog that will be a loving and faithful companion for your family for years to come.

We provide Cincinnati residents with puppy training that focuses on the early developmental stages of their puppy’s life, creating a motivational approach to obedience training that will carry forth into adulthood.

The first five months of your puppy’s life are a fantastic time to provide your puppy with a foundation of positive behaviors and associations that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Puppy Obedience Training Cincinnati

How We Train

Puppies are brought around new people,environments and distractions. We train your puppy from the beginning stages of their life how to behave and react properly in all situations. We train them to learn bite inhibition,to pick a favorite substrate to go the bathroom on and accept having their space controlled without feeling stressed or confused.

At Unleashed Canine Obedience, we offer you and your puppy a safe and clean environment, providing you with the ideal learning and educational experience. Our trainers equip you with everything you will need to cross through these pivotal puppy stages successfully.

Owner education is just as important as your puppy’s education. All of our Cincinnati Puppy Training Classes and Camps offer extensive owner education so you are able to maintain your puppy’s training well into their adult years.

The main goal is to set you and your puppy up for a lifetime of happiness together, without the sleepless nights, ruined furniture and ongoing stress that can go along with adding a new puppy to your life.

Cincinnati Puppy Training

Potty Training Camps

We offer Puppy Training Potty Camps for those who have a puppy between the ages of 8 weeks to 4 months and need some help implementing a successful potty training regimen and proper developmental training. Thought of middle of night potty breaks have you cringing? Destroyed shoes and furniture adding stress to your days?

Let us take your puppy into our home for 15 or 30 days and we will jump start the process of good behavior for you!

Our Potty Camps are great for first time puppy owners who want to enjoy the early days with their new puppy but would enjoy more hands on help that first month.

Puppy Potty Training Camps Teach Your Puppy:

  • How to walk on leash politely
  • Basic obedience commands sit, down, place and come
  • What is acceptable to chew on
  • Fun socialization opportunities with other puppies
  • Establish a potty schedule that works for you
  • Go home with clear instructions to help keep up the momentum

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Cincinnati Puppy Training

Individual Puppy Classes

Need some help getting your puppy to listen and follow basic commands? Does your puppy need guidance on how to behave socially around other dogs and people? Is your puppy biting, nipping or barking when he or she is not supposed to?

Unleashed Canine Obedience offers puppy training classes to teach and guide you through your puppy’s training process. Our puppy training classes provide you with the tools and fundamental skill set to maintain a well-mannered and behaved pup giving you the tools you need to curb unwanted behaviors while encouraging the behaviors you do want.

$175 for 90 minutes.

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Classes Teach Your Puppy:

  • Basic obedience
  • Puppy Socializing
  • Problem Behavior Prevention