Puppy Obedience Training • Puppy Potty Camps

Puppy Potty Camps

Puppy obedience training can be extremely stressful and frustrating when you don’t have a training plan. We offer our Puppy Potty Training Camps to puppy owners looking for more in depth guidance during the beginning stages of their puppy’s life.

With our puppy obedience training methods, we will teach your dog that the outdoors is the best place to eliminate. We will also establish a potty cue word for elimination.

Both of our programs include follow-up sessions including an in-home session. You will be given clear instructions to help keep up the momentum on good puppy habits.

Additionally, while your pup lives with us they will receive extensive socialization with other dogs of all ages and breeds, as many people of all ages and genders as we can find, as well as receive an introduction to basic obedience commands that you will continue to use as tools to teach your puppy how to navigate your world.  They will learn about bite inhibition and how to spend time in a crate calmly as well as what proper chew/play items are available to them.

What We Teach

  • A joyful and motivated recall
  • How to walk politely on a leash
  • How to be calm in crate
  • Proper chewing etiquette
  • Appropriate socialization/play with other puppies
  • A potty schedule that works for your family and puppy
  • Establishment of a potty cue word for elimination outside
  • Basic obedience cues to build impulse control and good behavior

Our Puppy Potty Camps are great for first time dog owners and those who work long hours and are having a tough time getting their puppy out often enough, especially within the first month when puppies have little bladder control.


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What Are The Benefits?

You want to enjoy the first weeks with your puppy and savor the memories of puppyhood, so why not do so without the sleepless nights and stress?

The first month is the hardest and most exhausting month, but also the most important for potty training and socialization.

With our puppy training programs you won’t have to worry about taking on the challenge of potty training, socialization and basic obedience all on your own.

15 and 30 Day Options

We offer Puppy Potty Camp in the form of 15 and 30 Day Board and Train Programs that will teach your puppy proper manners from the start.

Accessory packages are included with all of our potty camps. We include the necessary tools to help you maintain your puppy’s training.

15 Day Puppy Potty Camp

  • 2 private consultations
  • Equipment
    • Slip lead, 25’ long line
    • Favorite chew item

 Price: $2,250

Get Your Puppy Trained!

30 Day Puppy Potty Camp

  • 4 private consultations
  • Equipment
    • Slip lead, 25’ long line
    • Favorite chew item
    • One standard size place board

Our 30 day potty camp is our most popular program for owners looking to really get off on the right foot.

Price: $4,500